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 Cleveland Golf Wedges
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When selecting golf clubs look out for is a Cleveland golf set online or at a golf shop. A Cleveland golf set would include the hybrid club, wedges, drivers, putter and irons.

Cleveland wedges have been on golfer’s short list for twenty years now.  The CG12 and CG14, Cleveland's latest wedge models, are no exception. The Cleveland CG12 is a great addition to your Cleveland golf set. The CG12 has great characteristics that include a classic design with technologically advanced manufacturing. 

The Cleveland CG12 wedge features zip grooves. These groves are  larger than the average wedge grooves and allow debris to be swept away, resulting in cleaner ball contact.

The Cleveland CG14 wedge also has the zip grooves and the advanced manufacturing process.  In addition, CG14 wedge has Gelback technology. The Gelback is a visco-elastic, vibration-dampening material. The intent of the Gelback is to remove unnecessary vibration on mis-hits, while allowing the player the necessary feedback from the club head, adding a soft yet responsive feel. The Cleveland CG14 wedge is a game improvement wedge with a more forgiving nature, much like the Cleveland CG11.

Both the Cleveland CG12 and CG14 Cleveland wedges live up to the high Cleveland standard.  The CG12 wedge is probably better suited for the accomplished player while the CG14 wedge is more forgiving and will help the higher handicapper. A wedge is a must in any Cleveland golf set.

Cleveland Golf is also well-known for their quality irons.

The Cleveland CG4 irons are made with the popular cavity back design to help get the ball into the air. They have more carbon and less density than other irons. Cleveland clubs is reported to have a lower, deeper center of gravity, providing a better sweet spot, and all of these factors are claimed to improve overall club performance.

The Cleveland CG4 irons are said to be forgiving and the ball feels “soft” when struck properly to the extent that some say it feels like you have not even hit the ball.

A Hibore Hybrid is also a welcome addition to any Cleveland golf set.

The most evident feature of Cleveland hybrids is what is called an ‘inverted crown’ design. This means that weight is taken from the top and back of the club and redistributed around the perimeter to lower the center of gravity and move it back away from the clubface. This makes it easier to get the ball into the air.

The Hibore hybrids are newer than the Halo line. The club face that is 10% larger, and has a leading edge that has been slightly flattened and rounded off a bit to give a larger hitting area and have less tendency for the club to dig into the ground.

Overall, having a Cleveland golf set is the dream for many golfers.

Womens Golf Club Set


 Womens Golf Club Set