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If you want to sink that difficult putt then select a putter from one of the Cleveland golf putters – that’s what many expert golfers say. There are several types to choose from in the Cleverland golf putters range. However, firstly some golf putting tips.


When you approach the green have a good look at the typography. Is one side of the green significantly higher than the other? Is your ball located close to the highest side or is it further away?

Are there bunkers or ponds with low spots near to the green? Very importantly, are these located below the level of the putting surface? Are there mounds or a valley on any side of the green?

The key is to gauge break by finding high and low points around the green.

After you have worked out the general direction of the break via the high points and low points on the green, the next thing to judge is the distance of the putt. Decide how hard you will need to hit the golf ball. Accuracy is not nearly as important as distance control.

If you properly gauged distance your putt will end up close to the hole, regardless of how accurate your line is. On the other hand, if you focused on the break you may have achieved a more accurate line, but your ball could have rolled up short or rocketed past the hole. At least by concentrating on the distance you putt will end up close to the hole making your second putt much easier to sink.


Those are the basics of putting, but using Cleverland golf putters may make your putting even easier. Here is the range of Cleverland golf putters:


The Cleveland classic 1 putter, the Cleveland classic 2 putter, and the classic 3 putter feature a blade design and a plumbers neck hosel with a precision milled face that provides a soft yet solid feel during the stroke.


The VP 1 09 Blade Putter has a slant plumber's neck hosel with Dual Axis Alignment technology that will aid players correct their address position every time.



The Cleveland Classic 4.5 Putter features a blade design and a slant neck hosel with a precision milled face that provides a soft yet solid feel during the stroke.


The VP 5 Mallet Putter has Dual Axis Alignment system. Golfers are now able to see when their hands move out of position as well as detect when their eyes are not positioned properly over the ball.


Cleveland golf putters come highly recommended!

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